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A Few Recent Adventures…

In the past couple of weeks, we've had a few other adventures and activities around town, and Meghan joined us to add to the fun!  Aside from practicing our trips in and out of town in the car, we've taken a few specific trips here and there.

We visted my uncle "Poncho's" restaurant at the Pululahua crater and walked down from the top edge to the crater floor.  Only down, mind you -- up is far too challenging.  Here's a pic from the bottom which is all farmland today.

Pululahua Crater
The Pululahua Crater

We have also visited some of the local parks and picked up some paintings and things for the house.  The parks have lots of great climbing things for kids.  Here's Ethan on one of them.

Climbing Around in the Park
Climbing Around

We also took a trip to the "Teleferiqo", the tallest cable car system in South America which takes you high above the city (just over 4,000 meters) for a great view of Quito and the surrounding mountains.  There are also a lot of hiking trails at the top as well as horseback riding.  Here are a few shots.

On the Way Up
On the Way Up Up Up

Looking Down Below
The City Below

Vickie and Meghan Rest for a Few While Hiking
V & M

Would You Believe Roller Coasters at the Teleferiqo?
(That's Meghan and Ethan in the Front Seat)
Just Made the Height Requirement

Finally, Ethan has started instrumental music in fourth grade and has just began playing the clarinet, which is his "gateway instrument" to saxophone next year.  So far, he sounds really good.  No seriously, it's pretty darn decent.  Even the cat hasn't complained...much. 🙂

La Clarineta
La Clarineta