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Ethan’s “Little” Birthday Present

Although we are still planning to have a separate birthday for Ethan in September, we always try to get Ethan a little something for his actual birthday.  Well, we found just the right thing from one of our neighbors here in Cumbaya.  Her name is "Bella" and she was just 4 weeks old on Ethan's birthday.  Some pics are below.  Don't let her placid demeanor fool you, she is one ball of fire, and we all have the scratches on our hands, arms and legs to prove it!  When she's asleep, she's a little angel.  Otherwise, watch out!

She's Tiny, but Tenacious
La Gatita Bella

Sending an Email?
Where’s the Mouse?

The Lap of Luxury
Lap of Luxury

The other part of Ethan's birthday involved dinner at a pizza place named, of all things, "Archies."  They let the kids make their own pizza from scratch, which was a lot of fun.  Ethan, Geronimo, and Gabriel had a great time.  Here are some pics.

Three Chefs!
Three Chefs

A Messy Proposition
Flour Power

Job Well Done!

6 thoughts on “Ethan’s “Little” Birthday Present

  1. Jennifer

    Oh my! Emmie's heart melted when she saw the picture of your new kitten, Ethan. Now I am the "bad mom" for not giving her a gatita nueva!

    Give your mom, dad, y gatita a hug for us.

    Jen y familia

  2. Kathryn

    Hello from Denver! The blog is outstanding, really enjoying tracking the latest activities. What an incredible shot from the crater. I'll keep checking in from time to time. Thanks again, take care and we love you!

  3. Andrea Hernandez

    This looks awesome and so do you guys, i'm so glad you're all doing well! Memu, where were you in this pizza event? I would have made it a top priority

  4. Paul T

    What!? A cat! He is too cute. I assume he'll be riding back with you when you come home. Start the bilingual training with the cat now.

  5. Meghan

    Unfortunately the pizza event occured before I arrived in Ecuador. Luckily Ethan took me to thesame restaurant within my first 48 hours.

  6. Jim McMahon


    You taught your cat to type emails? I'll have to try with Coco.

    It looks like you guys are having fun. I wish we could be there with you.

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