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So we went to Cotopaxi (tallest active volcano in the world) this past Sunday as we heard the snow was really low on the mountain.  I was glad to hear that since the last time we went in 2004 there were blank spots all the way to the top.  Boy was there snow!  There was a snow storm, in fact, which put a damper on our efforts to reach the Refugio, a lodge were climbers who plan to summit the mountain spend the night.  It’s always fun to get to the Refugio which is at 4,800 meters.  Yep, that’s pretty darn high.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it – the first time in all the visits we have made to the park.  The snow wasn’t the issue, but the lightning all around us in the snow storm was.  The amount of electricity in the air was unbelievable!  All of us were feeling minor shocks inside our clothes.  At that point, we decided to head down a ways.  We thought about waiting it out, but we were getting pretty worried about being able to make it down the mountain due to the accumulating snowfall.

As we were heading down, we took a break at a small lagoon at the base of the mountain.  After about a half hour, things cleared up nicely.  Although we headed back up the mountain road a bit to do some hiking, we didn’t have time to try to go to the Refugio again since we were running out of daylight.  However, it was great to see the mountain wide open with all that snow.

Below are some shots.  It begins with breakfast at a nice restaurant (Mirabella) on the way to Cotopaxi.  At the bottom is a short video that I took when we first reached the parking lot on Cotopaxi in the snow – listen for the thunder!  As always, I apologize in advance for my cheesy, and uncontrollable, narration.  Enjoy!

At the Restaurant for Breakfast
Starting from the left, Vickie, Miguel, Many.

A View of the Valley From the Restaurant

Ethan Finds a Cow!  Not Hard 'Round These Parts

Got a Nice Shot of a Bee Near a Flower
I Call it, "Bee Near a Flower"

When We First Got to the Parking Lot on Cotopaxi

Later, When it Cleared Up - Nice

The Refugio From Below

A Message From Meghan

Jumpy Jumpy!

Motion Picture Video