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Audrey Came to Visit!

We were quite happy to receive Meghan’s friend Audrey for a week.  Audrey is currently living/working in Spain and her Spanish is fantastic.  We enjoyed discussing regional language and accent differences with her.  We’ve learned just enough to appreciate some of this now though there is still a lot to learn to be sure.

Audrey’s visit (unfortunately) also coincided with the beginning of the rainy season down here which has been much heavier than usual due to the effects of La Niña.  Though the weather did not cooperate overall, we did have a nice time and certainly enjoyed her company.  At the end of the week, the skies cleared and we had a very nice trip to Baños where we did some fantastic zip lines and had beautiful views of the now constantly erupting Mount Tungurahua, which means “throat of fire.”  Check the pictures and video below for a view of the zip lines and the mountain, including a birds-eye video of yours truly, traversing a river while suspended by a small metal pulley rolling over a cable.  Was it safe?  Well why wouldn’t it be?  It’s just a 200 meter line right beneath an erupting volcano.  I mean, seriously, what could go wrong?

Meghan and Audrey Hiking Around the Pululahua Crater

Dancing it Up at the Birthday Party for Jimmy, Sylvana, and Meghan

Make a Wish!

It was a Snowy Day when We Took Audrey to Cotopaxi

Meghan and Audrey with the Erupting Tungurahua Volcano Behind Them

Another View of the Tungurahua Crater

One of the "Tarabita" Rides We Took Across the River to the Waterfalls in Banos

One of the Monkeys Roaming Freely at the Amazonian Zoo in Banos

Walking Across a Cool Bridge

Audrey Gets a "Drink" From One of Banos' Many Waterfalls

Video - Click Twice to Play