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Hacienda Zuleta

We were fortunate to have received an invitation from Elsa Maria (Jimmy’s wife) to visit her family’s famous Hacienda.  Her family includes two former Ecuadorian Presidents -- Elsa’s grandfather and great-grandfather.  The Hacienda is lovely and is a working farm that produces cheeses sold locally here in Quito, as well as other goodies.  They also provide extensive horseback riding excursions.  We took one to a Condor Sanctuary which is supported by Zuleta – they also provide services to the local town of the same name.  We even saw some wild condors flying around the valley.  Adjacent to the Condor sanctuary is a trout farm, and let me tell you they are VERY tasty.  The food at Zueleta was also wonderful.  I strongly recommend visiting Zuleta if you can someday.  It was a terrific experience, and it was great to spend time with Jimmy, Elsa, Sara, Juaquin and Julian, and Roberto’s son Nicolas who came as well.  We played trivial pursuit (parents versus kids) and the old folks got our butt’s kicked.  Ha ha!  Check below for some pics and video link (last image)

Hacienda Zuleta

Beautiful Flowers Everywhere

Heading Out for a Ride

Ethan is Ready!

So is Julian

The Valley of the Condors

There Goes One!

In the Rehab Facility

We Were Kept at Quite a Distance - For Good Reason!

Cowboy Jimmy

Juaquin Gives it a Go


In the Dining Room -- Very Pretty

A Rainbow We Saw on the Way Home - It was Way Prettier in Person

Video - Double Click the "Play" Button Twice

2 thoughts on “Hacienda Zuleta

  1. Katie

    Looks amazingly beautiful in the valley! I'm sure you're making so many lasting memories. Hope to get there for sure in April. K

  2. Kathryn

    Happy New Year to the Moscosos! Hope you had a great Christmas and looking forward to some more blog updates.

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