The House

OK, so we’ve received a lot of questions about the house, i.e., the one we are living in.  So here’s the 411 with a few pics to boot.  We are renting a home in Cumbaya just outside Quito in the valley — about 20 minutes away from the city.  The neighborhood has a nice park, and club with a pool, tennis, etc.  It’s a very nice neighborhood, and we are lucky to have found a place here.

The house is a relatively small, “Hacienda” style three bedroom, three bath affair with a nice living room/dining room combo, decent-sized kitchen, and small patio and back yard — just the way we like it.  We really like the more latin style architecture although the trend of late here is very modern inside and out.

So here are some pics.  You’ll proabably notice a few blank spaces on our homogenous all white wall space.  We continue to periodically purchase some artwork to try and fill in the literal “blanks” in the house.

“El Fronte”
Another View From the Front

The Patio, Where Lunch is Served Daily
The Patio — Lunch is Served!

The Fam Room
The Family Room

Ze Bedroom
V&R’s Bedroom

The View From Meghan’s Little Bedroom Window
(Unaltered in Any Way)

OK, So We Haven’t Completely Purged Our Gringo Ways
(Here’s Our Favorite Drawer in the Kitchen)
The Gringo Drawer